Zaijing Sun

Associate Professor of Health Physics
Expertise: Health Physics, Nuclear Activation Analysis, Radiochemistry, Medical physics, Medical imaging, Monte Carlo simulations of nuclear processes, Medical applications of particle accelerators, Temporal data mining


Zaijing Sun is an associate professor in UNLV's Department of Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences. Sun’s work ranges from the study of radioactive waste management to applications of radiology and nuclear physics for medical uses.

His research interests include health physics, radiochemistry, nuclear activation analysis, computer simulations of nuclear processes, gamma-ray spectroscopy and 3D isotopic imaging, medical application of particle accelerators, archaeometry, temporal data mining, and medical isotope production.

A distinguished expert in his field, Sun's research has been published in a number of prestigious journals and educational booklets in his field, including: Elsevier, Nuclear Science and Engineering Education Sourcebook 2020, AIP Conference Proceedings, International Nuclear Information System, and on the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information’s website. He currently serves on the executive committee of the Education, Training, and Workforce Development Division at the American Nuclear Society; works as part of UNLV’s Health, Environment, and Radiation Detection (HERD) research team; and acts as the faculty advisor of UNLV's student chapter of the American Nuclear Society.


  • Ph.D. Applied Nuclear Physics, Idaho State University

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Zaijing Sun In The News

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H-bombs use a combination of nuclear fission and fusion and are far more powerful than atomic bombs.
The world's first nuclear weapon — the atom bomb — devastated the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
With its depiction of the first atomic bomb explosion, the new film, "Oppenheimer," highlights the massive destructive power of these early nuclear weapons.

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