Shawn McCoy

Director, UNLV Lied Center for Real Estate
Associate Professor, Economics
Expertise: Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics


Shawn McCoy is an economics professor, who specializes in urban-, environmental-, and health-related issues.

McCoy's research focuses on identifying cause-and-effect relationships between social problems, local economies, and the environment. His published works or works in-progress have explored a wide range of topics, including: the effect of wildfires and other storm damage on real estate transactions and homeowners' perceptions of disaster risk; how mass shootings and terrorism affect communities; and connections between disease and urban development, and fracking and indoor radon levels in homes.


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Pittsburgh
  • B.A., Economics, UNLV

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Shawn McCoy In The News

Las Vegas Review Journal
Wall Street-backed hedge funds, corporate landlords and cash rich investors have been buying up single-family homes across the country as far back as 2009, which experts say means fewer houses on the market for families to purchase. That also could lead to higher rental prices and fewer affordable homes in regions like the Las Vegas Valley. A MetLife Investment Management study shows these companies could own close to 40 percent of all U.S. houses by 2030.
Las Vegas Review Journal
The word of the year when it comes to Las Vegas real estate has to be “inflation.” High interest rates — not seen since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008 — were brought in by the Federal Reserve last year to stem runaway inflation, brought on by pandemic restrictions wreaking absolute havoc on the global economy. This put a serious damper on the national housing market, and Las Vegas was not immune to the pain.
Las Vegas Review Journal
All eyes will be on the Federal Reserve in gauging where Las Vegas Valley’s real estate market could head next year, area real estate agents said.
Las Vegas Review Journal
Las Vegas Realtor Noah Herrera is noticing a few eerie similarities between the housing market before the 2008-09 economic crisis and the current scene.

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