Russell T. Hurlburt

Professor of Psychology
Expertise: Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Sensations


Russell Hulburt’s research is centered around inner experience, which includes thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

He is the originator of the Descriptive Experience Sampling method, which uses random beepers and intensive interviews to provide qualitative, idiographic descriptions of inner experience. In the 1970s, Hurlburt was one of the first to use beepers in psychological research and was a creator of the "thought sampling" method.

He believes that the understanding of inner experience is a fundamental task of psychology. He also has researched the experience of adults and adolescents with and without diagnoses such as bulimia, anxiety, schizophrenia, borderline personality, and Asperger's syndrome.

His work has been published in numerous academic articles and journals including the Journal of Consciousness Studies, Investigating pristine inner experience: Moments of truth, and Describing inner experience? Proponent meets skeptic.


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of South Dakota

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Russell T. Hurlburt In The News

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