Gregory D. Moody

Professor of Information Systems
Director, UNLV Cybersecurity Program
Expertise: Cybersecurity, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet Privacy, Information Systems, E-Commerce


Greg Moody is a Lee Business School professor of information systems, as well as director of the university's graduate-level Cybersecurity, M.S. Management Information Systems, M.S. Data Analytics and Applied Economics, and Data Analytics Certificate programs. His research interests include security, privacy, trust and distrust, e-commerce strategy, human-computer interaction, and large infrastructure project management.

Moody's studies have been published in top niche outlets, including Information Systems Research, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and Journal of the Association for Information Systems. His work has tackled topics such as the reasons why people fail to engage in secure behaviors, and the identification of methods managers can use to improve such behaviors.

He is the president of the largest research group in his field, Human-Computer Interactions. Moody additionally serves in editing positions for several academic journals and in service roles with the major conferences held for the information systems field.


  • Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, University of Pittsburgh
  • Ph.D. in Information Systems, University of Oulu
  • M.A. in Information Systems Management, Brigham Young University
  • B.S. Information Systems Management, Brigham Young University

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Gregory D. Moody In The News

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