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Karyn S. Hollingsworth

Articles From This Author

Ranita Ray
Jun 15, 2018
Campus News

Assistant sociology professor Ranita Ray says black and brown youth are not social problems and their futures are worthy of investment.

Portrait Javon Johnson
May 29, 2018

Like a poetry verse, the artist-turned-academic said he’s most daring when he lets life flow.

hallway sign for counseling
May 25, 2018

Michelle Paul, director of The PRACTICE, offers tips on when to seek mental health support and why it matters, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month.

MIssy Young
May 22, 2018
Campus News

Technologist Missy Young will address aspiring women leaders at June 7 event.

man at the top of a valley
May 1, 2018

Archaeologist Alan Simmons retires after 25 years of bringing the depth of time and big perspective to UNLV.