Alexandra Karosas

Communications/Editorial Intern, UNLV Division of Research and Economic Development

Alexandra Karosas is a scientist and researcher who is passionate about communication. Her work as a biologist has taken her to several continents conducting research on genetics, wildlife conservation, and environmental policy. While she enjoys the investigative nature of research, she also believes in the importance of exchanging ideas and engaging with others. She has authored several scientific reports, given presentations at local and international conferences, and enjoys volunteering at science festivals and other educational events. She can be contacted at

Articles by Alexandra Karosas

Rachell Ekroos
Research | May 24, 2018

A nursing researcher helps those affected by violent crimes receive quality, equitable assistance from the law enforcement, medical, and justice systems.

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Stepping into the world of research helped one student choose a career, make new friends, and get a head start on the future.

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Nevada undergraduate research journal offers UNLV students the opportunity to promote their research and boost their resumes.

UNLV campus
Research | January 26, 2018

Three faculty garner 2018 Barrick Scholar Awards for their extensive research achievements.

UNLV Office of Undergraduate Research's Becky Boulton, Nicole Thomas, and Liam Frink.
Research | July 7, 2017

The UNLV Office of Undergraduate Research’s new program immerses local high school students in the opportunities research at UNLV has to offer.

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New graduate and author Manuela Bowles on rejection letters, Margaret Atwood, and building a career long before commencement.