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Snow in the City

Snow is a near-magical experience in Las Vegas, preserved in photos long after the snow melts. Here are a few of our favorites from the UNLV archives.

Arts and Culture  |  Dec 22, 2017  |  By Su Kim Chung

While our surrounding mountains may regularly become covered in snow, seldom does the white stuff fall in town. Here we've gathered some fun winter weather photos from the archives in UNLV Libraries. 

kindergarteners play in snow

When it snowed on Jan. 10, 1930, most of the children at the historic Fifth Street School in Las Vegas had never seen snow. These kindergarteners are doing what children simply must do when there's enough snowfall: build a snowman!  (Doris Hancock Collection, UNLV Special Collections)

snow in front of fdh building

“The Great Snowfall of '79” turned the UNLV campus into a winter wonderland on Jan. 31 that year.  (University Archives, UNLV Special Collections)

children playing in snow

Children playing with a sled on the snow-covered lawn of the Boulder City Bureau of Reclamation Administration Building, 1200 Park Street, circa the 1930s. (Manis Collection, UNLV Special Collections).

snow on Fremont Street

Brightly-lit Fremont Street at night in the snow, early 1930s. (Elbert Edwards Collection, UNLV Special Collections)

snow on Fremont Street

A view of Fremont Street in 1921, after a snowfall. This photograph was taken looking west, with the El Portal Theater clearly visible on the right. The El Portal Theater still stands on Fremont Street as an Arts and Crafts trading post, but was once the venue for the world premiere of the classic film “From Here to Eternity.” (Lake-Egington Collection, UNLV Special Collections)

man in santa costume in the snowTourists in Las Vegas probably didn’t expect to see this sight in front of the Frontier Hotel on a snowy December day in 1974. Looks like Santa is carrying bells in one hand and a deck of cards in his other hand. (North Las Vegas Library Collection, UNLV Special Collections.)

snow at Mount CharlestonA wintry scene featuring snow-covered cabins and skiers preparing to take on the slopes at Mount Charleston in the Spring Mountains, 1940s. (Bill Willard Collection, UNLV Special Collections)