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Q&A: Janna Lovell, Finance Consultant and Racecar Driver

After winning a prestigious internship, UNLV alum zooms toward to government consulting role.
People  |  Feb 28, 2012  |  By Diane Russell
Janna Lovell, ’04 BA Music and ’10 Master of Public Administration

After receiving her MPA, this Honors College grad was chosen from dozens of nominees for one of just five internships with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). Now she is working in government consulting for the accountancy firm of Deloitte and living in Austin, Texas.

What did you do in your internship?
The GASB sets generally accepted accounting principles for governments throughout the United States. My role was to research the existing rules in terms of how they are working and what improvements need to be made.

Tell us about your job with Deloitte.
I go into government agencies at all levels -- federal, state, municipal -- and look at how the processes are working and where improvements could be made. Then I help them implement those improvements.

How has your UNLV education helped in your career?
Because I was in the Honors College, I had the opportunity to take classes in a number of departments and learn about a wide range of subjects. What started me on the path to a career in government finance was an honors class on poverty policy taught by professor William Epstein of the School of Social Work.

When you have free time, what do you like to do?
First, I run. Running is a great way for me not to think about any stressful things going on in my life. My second hobby is a little unusual. I drive racecars with the Sports Car Club of America. It's a bit of an adrenalin rush. Also, it isn't something that comes naturally to me, so I have to work hard at it. I like that challenge.