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Katherine Hertlein Joins Fulbright Ranks

Director of Couple and Family Therapy Program will research intersection of technology and relationships in Austria.

Research  |  Feb 15, 2018  |  By UNLV News Center
Katherine Hertlein

Katherine Hertlein of the School of Medicine was recently named a Fulbright Scholar.  (Josh Hawkins / UNLV Creative Services)

UNLV School of Medicine professor Katherine Hertlein, whose ongoing research examines the effect of technology on human relationships, has been named a Fulbright Scholar.

Hertlein, the program director for the UNLV School of Medicine’s Couple and Family Therapy Program, will expand her research on technology and relationships in Austria.

“I am incredibly grateful for the institutional support offered to participate in this opportunity and proud to represent the school of medicine and UNLV in this next fantastic journey,” Hertlein said. “It is such a gift to work with amazing, talented, and supportive colleagues and friends who cheer right along with me.”

The scholarship board’s criteria for an applicant’s selection includes the feasibility of a proposed research activity.

Hertlein’s proposed research includes collecting survey data on how people use technology in Austria to initiate, maintain, and terminate relationships. The survey will take place at the University of Salzburg and the surrounding area.

“I am specifically interested in how accessibility of technology, affordability, acceptability, ambiguity, approximation, and other factors shape the structure and processes of relationships,” Hertlein wrote in her proposal.

In addition to her study, Hertlein will teach two courses at the University of Salzburg: Technology and Relationships, and Modern Sexology: Biology, Psychology and Behavior.

"It is such a pleasure have a visionary thinker like Katherine Hertlein in the UNLV School of Medicine,” School of Medicine Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Education Ellen Cosgrove said. “We are thrilled to see her named a Fulbright Scholar and receive the international recognition for the excellence of her work that a Fulbright brings.”

The Fulbright Program, which operates in 160 countries around the world, is an American scholarship program of competitive, merit-based grants for international educational exchange for students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists and artists. Fulbright alumni include 59 Nobel Laureates and 82 Pulitzer Prize winners

Founded by United States Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946, the program, established to increase mutual understanding between Americans and other countries, gives the opportunity to selected American citizens to study, conduct research or exercise their talents abroad. Citizens from other countries can qualify to do the same in the U.S. The program provides 8,000 grants annually for individuals to undertake advanced research, graduate study, classroom teaching and university lecturing.