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November 5, 2019
Jennifer L. Rennels and Andrea J. Kayl (Psychology) published "Infants and Adults Represent Faces Differently" in the journal, Developmental Psychology. Infants typically have predominant experience with women and this research showed infants formed mental representations of faces that were weighted toward the most frequently seen faces — they...
November 5, 2019
Mark Lenker (Libraries) wrote a chapter for Libraries Promoting Reflective Dialogue in a Time of Political Polarization, a new book published by the Association of College and Research Libraries.  In "Indignation in Political Discourse: Thoughts toward an Information Literacy Curriculum," Lenker proposes starting points for information literacy...
November 5, 2019
David Damore (Political Science) received the Allan Saxe Best Paper on State and Local Politics Award at last week's 99th Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Social Science Association in San Diego, for "Red State, Blue Metro:  The Case of Nevada," which was presented at the 2018 meeting in Orlando. 
November 4, 2019
Sheila Bock (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) gave two presentations in October. The first, “Graduation Dress and the Visual Rhetorics of Unity and Exclusion,” was part of a pre-organized panel, “Belonging, Exclusion, and Community on Campus: New Perspectives on the Folklore of Higher Education," at the annual meeting of the American...
November 4, 2019
Jun Kang (Chemistry and Biochemistry) has been awarded a patent for the invention “Functionalized phosphonates via Michael addition.” This synthetic method enables the efficient synthesis of functionalized phosphonates under toxic metal-free conditions. This invention provides rapid access to diverse phosphorus-containing heterocycle compounds,...
November 1, 2019
Dharini Bhammar (Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences) published a paper titled "Quantification of Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Children with Obesity"  in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. This paper identifies methods of quantifying cardiorespiratory fitness in children with obesity that are less influenced by fat mass. 
November 1, 2019
Marina Georgieva (Libraries) presented a webinar, "In-house vs. Outsourced Digitization: Similarities, key differences and pitfalls to avoid," organized and hosted by Library and Information Technology Association Online Learning. 
November 1, 2019
Howard R. D. Gordon (Teaching and Learning) was recently invited to the University of the West Indies as a scholar lecture for the department of technical vocational education and training in the School of Education. His lecture, titled ''A Philosophy of Technical Vocational Education and Training Matters to you as a Technical Vocational Education...
November 1, 2019
Graduate student Laurence Myers Reese (Art) recently published an article about Oklahoma artists and grant awardees for the fall issue of Art Focus Oklahoma, a publication by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition non profit.   

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