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September 15, 2021
Katelin Gilbertson (Economics, Brookings Mountain West, The Lincy Institute) recently had her research on The Future of the Live Entertainment Tax in Southern Nevada published in the UNLV Spectra Undergraduate Research Journal. Gilbertson's research examines the history and current state of the Live Entertainment Tax to propose recommendations to...
September 14, 2021
Tim Gauthier (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) gave a  “A Quieter ‘9/11’ Novel?: Solipsism and Passivity in Recent Fiction"  for an International Conference at Europa-Universität Flensburg (virtual), entitled “9/11: Twenty Years On.”
September 14, 2021
Simon Gottschaik (Sociology) and Celene Fuller (Sociology) published a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Symbolic Interaction titled: “De-realization and Infra-humanization: A Theory of Symbolic Interaction with Digital Technologies.” The authors suggest that interactions with digital technologies impose a series of adjustments that compromise...
September 14, 2021
Rian Satterwhite (Service Learning and Leadership) published an article in the most recent issue of New Directions for Student Leadership: "Critical considerations for the effective use of leadership inventories and assessments." Leadership education should prepare learners for not only the world we now know, but also the anticipated global...
September 14, 2021
Amy Reed-Sandoval (Philosophy) published Ética, Política, y Migración (UACJ Press), which she co-edited with Luis Rubén Díaz Cepeda and Roberto Sánchez Benítez. This open access book is one of the first Spanish-language texts to deal with immigration ethics as a central topic, and it foregrounds ethical issues of particular concern to Latin...
September 14, 2021
Michael Chin (Honors College) published a novel titled My Grandfather's an Immigrant, and So is Yours with Cowboy Jamboree Press. The novel is presented in a fragmented, collage-style format and combines a coming of age story with a meditation on larger discussions in American culture leading up to and in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential...
September 14, 2021
Benjamin Edwards (Law) recently published a synopsis of his article "Supreme Risk" in the Duke FinReg Blog.  The post is based on an article forthcoming in the Florida Law Review.  It highlights how legal doctrines resurging with the post-Trump era Supreme Court pose a risk to the financial system.  
September 14, 2021
Rebecca Gill (Political Science), with co-editors Nuno Garoupa and Lydia Tiede, have published High Courts in Global Perspective: Evidence, Methodologies, and Findings in the University of Virginia Press "Constitutionalism and Democracy" series.  High Courts in Global Perspective pulls back the curtain on the interlocutors of court systems...
September 14, 2021
Laura Kruskall (Nutrition Center) has been elected and appointed as the chair of the Dietitian Advisory Group of the Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. She has served as a member of this committee since 2010. The mission of the advisory group is to examine, consider, and make recommendations...

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