Presentation: Valarie Burke, Katelyn DiBenedetto, Kate Korgan, Emily Lin, and Kara Wada

Valarie Burke, Katelyn DiBenedetto, Kate Korgan, Emily Lin, and Kara Wada (all Graduate College) attended the Western Association of Graduate Schools 61st annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona, last month. They conducted three presentations:

  • Lin and Korgan presented "Exploring the Use of Students’ Annual Evaluation Surveys to Align with a University’s Mission." The presentation focused on the use of students’ annual self-report surveys as a possible instrument for centralizing data gathering to assess yearly graduate student progress in research, scholarship, and creative activities.
  • Burke and DiBenedetto presented "Creating Career Pathways for Post-Master’s Students." The presentation focused on one professional development program and its associated workshops that are helping graduate students better prepare for a variety of career pathways. It also emphasized how both partnerships with campus units, specifically career services, and engagement with community members and alumni play a key role in this preparation.
  • Wada presented "Going Paperless with the Cloud: Using E-Systems to Eliminate Paper Forms." The presentation discussed the planning process involved in going fully electronic with the Graduate College's forms, policy implications, business process updates, and things to consider for schools moving in that direction. 

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