Presentation: Shiloh Bradley, John Crooker, Brent Drake, Christina Drum, and Qingmin Shi

Shiloh Bradley, John "Skip" Crooker, Brent Drake, Christina Drum, and Qingmin Shi (all Decision Support) presented at the annual Association for Institutional Research Forum. Bradley presented "Automating Custom Peer Reports Using IPEDS Data with SQL, R and LaTeX," which was awarded best presentation at the Rocky Mountain Association for Institutional Research annual conference during the fall. Shi, Drum, Crooker, and Drake co-presented "Do First Year Seminars Produce Long Term Effects: Tracking a FTFT Cohort." Additionally, Drake presented "Easy Analytics to Impact Student Success on Your Campus" and the closing keynote for The Art and Science of Data Visualization: A Data Bootcamp. He also co-presented “Institutional Research in the Digital Era” with Aaron Walz (Purdue), Bethan Cantwell (Michigan State), Charles Mathies (Academy of Finland), Christopher Ferland (Georgia College State University), Gina Johnson (NCHEMS), Jason Simon (University of North Texas), and “Strong Leadership: Integrating IR, IE, and Assessment into the Institution” with Archie Cubarrubia (Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust), Charles Blaich (Higher Ed Data Sharing Consortium), Mary Ann Coughlin (Springfield College), and Sandra Bramblett (Georgia Institute of Technology). 

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