Published: Seong Park

Seong Park (Criminal Justice) recently published two articles.

With collaborator Yongoh Hong (Korean Institute of Criminology), he published the article, "The Effect of Economic Inequality on Individual Violence in South Korea: A Comparative SEM Analysis of Relative Deprivation Theory and Strain Theory." Published in the Journal of Korean Criminological Association, it examines the effect of income inequality on individual violence in South Korea.

In the peer-reviewed journal Race Ethnicity and Education, he and collaborators, Jeong-Lim Kim (Mercy College), Hyoungah Park (Washburn University), Yongsok Kim (Bemidji State University), and Mary Cuadrado (Bemidji State University) published the article "Social Constructions of Racial Images in Introductory Criminal Justice and Criminology Textbooks: A Content Analysis." It involves a content analysis of visual images in introductory criminal justice textbooks.

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