Published: Rian Satterwhite

Rian Satterwhite (Service Learning and Leadership) served as lead author on the article 'Contextualizing our leadership education approach to complex problem solving: Shifting paradigms and evolving knowledge - Priority 5 of the National Leadership Education Research Agenda 2020-2025' published in the Journal of Leadership Studies. It explores learning areas, methodologies, outcomes, and future considerations for how leadership education can better prepare learners to lead through and amidst complex global problems such as climate change, governance failures, pandemics, food crises, and other wicked challenges that span traditional boundaries.

The article is one of nine priority areas in the National Leadership Education Research Agenda 2020-2025, a major publication that highlights emerging trends in theory and practice and is meant to shape leadership education and development research for the next five years. After an open call for submissions that yielded 141 entries submitted by scholars from 84 universities located in 21 countries, just 7.6% were selected to move forward. The final publication has more than 50 contributing authors; Satterwhite served as one of nine coordinating authors in the process.

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