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John Starkey and Sofie Burton

Presentation: John Starkey and Sofie Burton

Feb 13, 2017

John Starkey (Business) and Sofie Burton (Allied Health Sciences) will be presenting at the 20th annual Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) Conference in Kennesaw, Georgia, in March. This marks the second consecutive year the duo has presented at the ANTSHE conference. Both Burton and Starkey serve as members of the Adult Learner Advisory Board. The board’s purpose is to collaborate with entities across campus to recognize the non-traditional student and to provide meaningful connection, useful services, and accessible opportunities that will assist them in obtaining personal and academic success at UNLV. Starkey and Burton will be discussing their internal collaborations with various departments from UNLV at the conference, highlighting how impactful a university can be for a student population when efforts are united.