Presentation: Heather Dahl and Wendy Hoskins

Heather Dahl and Wendy Hoskins (Counselor Education, School Psychology and Human Services) presented at the Annual European Branch of the American Counseling Association Conference held Sept. 24-25.

The first presentation (along with presenter and UNLV alumna Alyse Anekstein) was "Transforming sandtray supervision: COVID response strategies in telemental health and video conferencing". This presentation explores a multidimensional approach to quality supervision based on The Discrimination Model, a creative counseling approach, and the innovative research-based technique of Sandtray Supervision. Presenters discussed how to utilize Sandtray Supervision as a COVID response strategy in telemental health counseling supervision.  A live demonstration of Sandtray Supervision was processed with participants. 

Dahl and Hoskins' second presentation was "Career stress: The impact on client suicide risk". Career stress can impact a variety of factors in a client’s life. In today’s climate of work uncertainty and challenges, those stressors may be compounded. Additionally, suicide risk factors may be connected to career stress. Understanding this relationship is an important component of competence. This presentation outlines relevant information for counselors on the connection between suicide risk and career stress, important career factors to consider when assessing suicide risk, and training and practice recommendations.


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