Presentation: Eve Chung, Edward Herschaft, and Stanley Nelson

Drs. Eve Chung, Edward Herschaft, and Stanley Nelson (Dental) provided lectures about dental occlusion, tempomandibular disorders, forensic dentistry, case studies, and other topics at Nankai University in Tainjin, China. The trio also participated in a seminar with dental and graduate students at Lanzhou University that addressed multiple topics including tempomandibular studies and pathology, as well as community service.

The schools established a collaborative relationship seven years ago. Nankai University invites UNLV faculty to teach, and UNLV School of Dental Medicine hosts Nankai students to participate in lectures and observe the delivery of dental care. This is the fifth time UNLV faculty have visited the dental school in China. The exchange of information furthers Nankai University’s goal of obtaining international accreditation.


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