Honors: Division of Integrated Marketing & Branding and Office of Admissions

The Division of Integrated Marketing & Branding and the Office of Admissions recently were awarded a Bronze Award of Excellence by CASE District VII for the new 2018 Admissions Viewbook. The viewbook is the flagship printed piece for the new admissions campaign built around UNLV's Different. Daring. Diverse. brand messaging, and incorporates stories of students to highlight that brand. Integrated Marketing & Branding developed the campaign completely in house in conjunction with admissions and the office of enrollment and student services (ESS).

Individuals involved in the project include:
  • Nikki Troxclair, AVP, university marketing & communication
  • Craig Granger, creative services director
  • Kris Shay, executive director, admissions
  • Kaci Schroeder, interim marketing and communications manager, ESS
  • Pam Viton, marketing & communications specialist, ESS
  • Sarah Guild, former marketing and communications manager, ESS
  • Josh Hawkins, photographer, creative services
  • Marsh Starks, photographer, Creative Services
  • Diane Russell, writer and editor, university marketing & communication
  • Deana Waddell, senior web communications strategist, university marketing & communication
  • Tony Allen, director of media relations
  • Tom Tozier, director, print services


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