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Department of Social Work

Grant: Department of Social Work

Nov 15, 2017

The School of Social Work participates in Nevada Partnership for Training (NPT) along with UNR, the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS), Washoe County Social Services (WCSS), and Clark County Department of Family Services (CCDFS), to develop and support the child welfare workforce. 

Earlier this year, DCFS increased the grant received by the NPT at UNLV to approximately $1.4 million per year from $449,500. This increase in funding was realized after the UNLV team for NPT was invited to serve on various committees as part of the Blue Ribbon for Kids Commission that convened in 2014.  The increase in funding will allow the NPT at UNLV’s School of Social Work to increase its capacity to serve the child welfare workforce in several ways. 

  1. Improve initial trainings for new employees entering child welfare by creating a multi-modality learning environment that includes online training, skill based classroom learning, and more on the job experience.
  2. Conduct workforce development assessments and studies to assist the child welfare agency with recruitment, screening, and retention.
  3. Provide additional training for existing child welfare workforce to increase their skills in serving children and families.
  4. Provide additional training for supervisors, managers, and executive leadership with an emphasis on coaching skills, leadership, and succession planning.

This partnership between UNLV’s School of Social Work, DCFS, and CCDFS, will allow all groups to improve the outcomes for the children and families involved in the child welfare system.