Notable: Debra Gorov, Riley Sullivan, Ron Buncombe, Keith McMath, and Jay Schneider

Debra Gorov, Riley Sullivan, Ron Buncombe, Keith McMath, Jay Schneider (all Student Union and Event Services) and the entire SUES team are being recognized for their hard work and dedication towards the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees union Public Service Forum event. This event, held earlier this month, featured 19 presidential candidates coming to campus and through the Student Union. Recognition goes out to the SUES student staff and other full-time staff who managed this intricate and complicated event. This includes our event operations team, Student Union custodial team, facilities supervisors, and Information Desk student staff. Without them, it wouldn't have been possible.

Tremendous gratitude goes out to the office of information technology (OIT) for its support in making sure things ran smoothly, Aramark catering for managing the food service needs and responding to last-minute requests, University Police Services for providing for exceptional security covering the event, as well as the campus at large. Kudos to our other campus partners who were involved and supportive for the huge logistical needs.


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