Notable: Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe (Art) has taken the lead in the department of art this Fall to reinvent and reinvigorate the visiting artists program, sponsored by the College of Fine Arts. The department hosted or co-hosted 14 distinguished and award-winning visitors and speakers in a few short months. This programming brought the art community together in new ways. The public lecture component of the series averaged 100 attendees per lecture and many of the visitors spent time in art courses across the department curriculum to engage with students and faculty, demystify the artist's life, share the ins and outs of their research and professional paths, lead hands-on workshops, and respond to student work in art, design, and art history. All of the visitors addressed how their own unique and intersectional identities inform their work and participation in diverse art and design contexts and thought communities. Many individuals on and off-campus helped host these visitors, including: university libraries, interdisciplinary gender and ethnic studies, student diversity & social justice, the Black Mountain Institute, the Barrick Museum of Art, and community partners MGM, The Cosmopolitan, Test Site Projects, and Rogers Art Loft. Visitors in the department included: Elia Alba, Gregg Deal, Arthur Gonzalez, Phaan Howng, Anthony Hudson/Carla Rossi, Amy Kurzweil, Tony Lewis, Malcolm Majer, Vi Khi Nao, Yasuaki Onishi, and Sharbreon Plummer.

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