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The Department of Art at UNLV offers BA, BS, BFA, and MFA degrees in the unparalleled creative environment of Las Vegas.

Current Art News

A man walks along the UNLV campus
People | September 25, 2020

A little help from his father set a 4-year-old Atsushi “Sush” Machida on the path to becoming the College of Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year.

Arts and Culture | September 9, 2020

UNLV graduate art students take “library” as their prompt in the upcoming group exhibition on display through Nov. 29.

woman in front of wall with printed text
Arts and Culture | September 3, 2020

New solo exhibition at UNLV's Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art tells stories of race and womanhood.

Arts and Culture | August 6, 2020

Assistant art professor Doughty is a visual storyteller whose practice engages with socio-economic, racial, and gender-based issues.

A pencil drawing of a man
Arts and Culture | August 3, 2020

The department of art and Donna Beam Gallery are accepting submissions through Sept. 1.

Arts and Culture | June 8, 2020

Congratulations to the artists and designers included in the curated online exhibition that is part of the UNLV Donna Beam Gallery program.

Art In The News

Double Scoop
October 19, 2020

Talking with Fawn Douglas is a little bit like finding out that the coolest girl in school is also nice, funny, and about 10 other things besides just being preternaturally talented. She’s the kind of person you have real hopes that you will become best friends with, but ultimately know that your eagerness will prevent that from happening. I am predictable to the core. Douglas, however, is not.

Las Vegas Weekly
October 2, 2020

A master’s degree in any fine art, whether creative writing, music or studio art, can be a tricky thing. Students graduate with a valuable advanced education: polished technical skills and an in-depth understanding of theory, history and contemporary issues. But they don’t finish with the clear-cut career path of, say, a dentist or a lawyer.

Las Vegas Weekly
September 24, 2020

An unseen musician plucks a cello in a halting, haunting melody as a seemingly drunken cameraperson flits between images of the Mojave desert at sunrise and artist Brent Holmes dressed as a pantsless cowboy. He stands alone, among the brush and distant mountains, smokes a cigar, eats a peach and dances. In time with the music, handwritten phrases appear on the screen, such as “A gluttony unfulfilled” and “a denless coyote.” Watching Holmes’ video performance piece “Abraxes” is like watching a poem come to life.

Las Vegas Review Journal
September 18, 2020

Nevada Humanities held a virtual panel discussion Thursday about the national debate over historical monuments and its relevance in Nevada, including controversy over figures such as Pat McCarran and Kit Carson.

Double Scoop
September 17, 2020

Ashley Hairston Doughty’s solo exhibition, Kept to Myself, is at the Barrick Museum at UNLV through Oct. 9. The exhibition highlights race and gender-based issues through various media, including pillows screenprinted with unsolicited comments the artist received on the streets while living in Chicago. Hairston Doughty moved to Las Vegas in June 2017 to teach art at UNLV.

Desert Companion
September 11, 2020

How’s your new normal coming along? *Listens and nods in glum sympathy* Well, good news: It’s just been enlivened by a roster of safe, sane, and socially distanced fall happenings that prove Las Vegas is a master at adaptation. Here you’ll find drive-by theater, radio read-alongs, YouTube opera, Zoom poetry, and in-person art exhibits with plenty of elbow room. Mask up, wash them germy mitts, and enjoy your 2020 fall culture guide.

Art Experts

An expert in modern and contemporary Japanese art.
An expert in digital art.
An expert in public art, 3D printing, digital fabrication, and kinetic sculptures.
An expert in contemporary art history, photography and architecture history, urban studies, and economic geography.
An expert in visual storytelling, graphic design, and art incorporating topics of socioeconomic, racial, and gender-based issues. 
An expert in graphic and user interface design.

Recent Art Accomplishments

October 26, 2020
Iandry Randriamandroso (Art) was interviewed by Creative Mornings as part of their featured artist series. Randriamandroso discusses his creative origins and what community art means to him.
October 26, 2020
Geovany Uranda (Art) is part of a new exhibition curated by GULCH Collective at Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art. The mural, "Tres Fases," depicts mascaras adorned with the face masks that are now part of our daily routine during the pandemic. It is modeled after a fragment of an anthropomorphic brazier found at Museo Universitario de Ciencias y...
October 22, 2020
Sapira Cheuk (Art) is participating in a virtual exhibit, "From My Eyes," and print sale with R. Cline ARTS in Las Vegas. Titled, ‘ART FOR GOOD,” the overall program also features four other artists. PRINTS FOR GOOD is a supporting component of ARTS FOR GOOD where the artists created a series of archival prints. Sale of the prints benefits The...
October 16, 2020
Fawn Douglas (Art) wrote about Las Vegas as part of the homelands to the Nuwuvi and related art activities in the region. The writing, which was done for Indigenous People's Day, is posted on the "Meow Wolf" website and is titled "Acknowledging and Celebrating Indigenous People Today and Everyday." Douglas is a community associate at "Meow Wolf"...
October 16, 2020
Ashley Hariston Doughty (Art) is included an online group exhibition titled "Resiliency: A Blooming Diaspora," curated by Brent Holmes. This exhibit takes resilience as a theme, as exemplified by life in the desert and also by Black artists in Nevada.
October 7, 2020
Tiffany Lin (Art) has a solo exhibit at Spring Valley Library until Dec. 20. Her project, "24 VIEWS, " is a drawing series and social practice project that investigates the United States Census and its impact on American identity. Through drawings based on publicly available Census data, the project demonstrates how shifting definitions of race,...