Notable: Business 103 Students

Students in John Starkey’s Fall BUS 103 Classes (Business) raised nearly $9,000 for local charities during the fall semester.

The charities receiving funds were:

  1. The Poppy Foundation ($1,000)
  2. JAG Nevada ($1,144)
  3. The Cupcake Girls ($1,005)
  4. Helping Hands of Vegas Valley ($1,014)
  5. Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc. ($1,234)
  6. Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas ($658)
  7. Furgotten Friends Dog Rescue ($425)
  8. Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada ($1,250)
  9. Teach for America – Las Vegas Valley ($1,250)

Money was transferred to nonprofits through various channels including Facebook donations, Adobe YourCause, GoFundMe, PayPal, checks, and credit card payments from September through Dec. 21.The students raised the money by tabling around campus, doing fundraisers at local eateries, and on social media.

The students involved were Kelsey Andruss, David Gassner, Benjamin Glave, Presley Howard, Katriece Kane, Kailiohu Kila, Ashley Kim, Jonathon Krikie, Hailey Leaf, Raymond Lee, Hannah Roberts, Brianna Smith, Kala'e Tanaka, Madison VanLeer, Roberto Villavicencio, Dinghong Wang, Jessica Wang, Seonghyeok Lim, Nicholas Alvarez, Sebastian Avalos, Cheyenne Brokaw, Jared Bronstein, Keith Burns, Sarah Clements, Joshua Culberson, Rachel Dane, Chad Freeman, Alexis Juarez Santos, Maicah Raleigh, Patricia Scholz, Kyleigh Smith, Juan Torres, Alexandria Valbuena, Zhisandra Herrera.

In addition to raising the funds, all students taught a grade school or middle school class for Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada and volunteered at one or two of the nine  organizations for which funds were raised.

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