Published: Brookings Mountain West

Brookings Mountain West is pleased to release a new policy brief from Brookings Fellow in Metropolitan Policy Jenny Schuetz titled "Should Las Vegas Bet on Homeownership? Trends in Housing Affordability and Homeownership." In the piece, Schuetz discuesses how "in many parts of the U.S., rents and housing prices are rising faster than household incomes. Low-income families have always been stretched to pay for housing without sacrificing other necessities. In recent years, housing costs have become a larger source of financial stress for middle-income families. While homeownership has been the primary channel for wealth building in the U.S., two recent trends raise questions about whether this is a viable strategy." This brief is a part of the Las Vegas and the Middle Class Initiative — a major project exploring public policy initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of the middle class in Las Vegas, and to increase the number of people rising to join its ranks. Learn more in an online video.

"Housing — Las Vegas and the Middle Class," was an event focusing on housing as part of the Las Vegas and the Middle Class Initiative This event featured presentations from Brookings Institution fellows, Richard Reeves and Schuetz, which examine Las Vegas as a model for understanding issues critical to the growth of the middle class. Following the presentations, Karen Danielsen-Lang (Public Policy and Leadership) joined the speakers to reflect upon the current state and future of the middle class in Las Vegas in a panel discussion. This event occured November 20, 2019. 

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