Published: Bobby Brar, Pooja Patil, Michael Gardner, James Alexander and Nora Doyle

Drs. Bobby Brar and Pooja Patil (both Medicine) recently had their research on the use of marijuana during pregnancy published in The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. Brar and Patil both are resident physicians.

The study, co-authored by UNLV School of Medicine faculty physicians Drs. Michael Gardner, James Alexander, and Nora Doyle, along with former School of Medicine physician Dr. David Jackson, looked at 55 first trimester ultrasounds, comparing fetal sonographic growth parameters and placental perfusion in women who were using marijuana daily, versus nonusers.

The data shows that daily marijuana use is associated with impaired fetal growth and increased placental vascular resistance. Marijuana consumption by pregnant women, which has increased since legalization, should be avoided until further studies delineate its exact potential for fetotoxicity.

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