Presentation: Amanda Melilli

Amanda Melilli (Libraries) did a pair of presentations at the 2019 American Association of School Librarians National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Along with colleagues Alicia Abdul and Kate Cointree, Melilli presented “That’s Not Real Reading: Making the Case for Graphic Novel Inclusion in Every Classroom," breaking down why graphic novels should be considered “real” academic reading, illustrating the relevancy of their use in secondary curricula, and providing attendees with methods for staying informed of the newest titles.

Melilli also presented "Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Education: Why it’s Important and How to be an Advocate for Change," discussing why creating safe and inclusive educational settings for LGBTQIA+ students is an ongoing struggle for many school librarians. This presentation focused on the importance of inclusion for all students and provided examples of what various forms of inclusion looks like in both school libraries and the classroom. 

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