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UNLV World Music Chamber Ensemble

The UNLV World Music Chamber Ensemble focuses on existing western and non-western music that employs experimental music ideas and original music written specifically for the ensemble to demonstrate global diversity through music. Along with recording their own music, the UNLV World Music Chamber Ensemble holds regular concerts and works with international associations and cultural organizations for performances during appropriate holidays and other cultural festivals. The establishment of this ensemble is not only for academic purposes to offer opportunities for cultural immersion for students but also to benefit every musician’s personal growth and musicianship.

We welcome all musicians who specialize in world instruments, as well as those who play western instruments (cello, double bass, flute, etc.) but are interested in World music. If you are interested in joining, please email Tianxi Wen at with a brief biography.

Founder and Artistic Director: Tianxi Wen
Manager: Sophie Cheesman
Advisor: Bill Bernatis