The School of Music has a variety of scholarships and service awards available if you are an undergraduate. Awards are merit-based, with decisions beginning in mid-March. The awards will be given only if you have been accepted to the university; however, you can still audition before university acceptance. Award letters are sent by mail and need to be returned, indicating acceptance of an award.

Important Information Pertaining To Tuition Payment

All recipients of a music scholarship are responsible for paying their tuition on time and by the deadline listed on the Cashing & Student Accounts site, each and every semester, even if the music scholarship has not posted to their account.

Students, again, even if your music scholarship has not posted to your account, do not wait to pay for your tuition. If you pay after the deadline, you will incur late fees and you will be responsible for paying not only your tuition, but the late fees, as well. If you wait too long to pay, eventually your account will be purged.

When you pay your full tuition, if your music scholarship has not posted yet, you will either be mailed a check for the music scholarship amount or it will post to your savings/checking account if you have set up automatic deposit in your MYUNLV student account under the financial tab.

If you have a problem with paying your tuition, you can sign up for the payment plan by going to the Cashiering & Student Accounts site. There is a $45 fee for setting up the payment plan and complete directions for doing so can be found on the Cashiering & Student Accounts site.

For complete information about paying your tuition, please go to the Cashiering & Student Accounts site and the Financial Aid & Scholarships site.


To be considered for an award, you are required to audition. To find out more about scholarship auditions and to fill out the required Audition Form, please click the button below.

Maintaining Your Aid

Once a music major is awarded financial aid, the aid will continue for eight semesters as long as you:

  • You must be a declared Music Major and a member of the required ensemble(s) appropriate to your area of study.
  • You must successfully completed twelve (12) credits per semester.
  • You must maintain a University GPA of 2.75, with a 3.0 GPA in all music courses.
  • You must make satisfactory progress toward your degree. The School of Music defines satisfactory progress as concurrent registration in harmony, sight singing and ear training, and functional piano, each semester of full-time enrollment, until these course sequences are successfully completed.

Additional Aid

For additional aid outside of the music school, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships site.

Available Awards

  • Grant-in-Aid Award: For undergraduate students only participating in ensembles. 2.0 GPA required.
  • Susan L. Johnson Scholarship for Choral Studies: 2.75 GPA required.
  • DeVos Scholarship: For undergraduate students only. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Marching Band Award: For students participating in marching band. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Music Scholarship: For string students participating in orchestra. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Abe Nole Scholarship: For trombone students who are taking applied trombone lessons. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Academic Performance in Horn Scholarship: Competitive award for returning horn students. 2.75 GPA required. Must fill out FAFSA form; other restrictions apply.
  • Lou Weiner: For students participating in the band program. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Martha Peterson: For voice students participating in the opera program. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Morelli Scholarship: Competitive for students participating in a wind quintet. 2.75 GPA required.
  • William Patterson Scholarship: For jazz students. 2.75 GPA required. Financial need required.
  • Jake Garehime Scholarship: For jazz students. 2.75 GPA required.
  • Joe Williams Scholarship: For jazz students. 2.75 GPA required.