Why Sponsor Public Radio KUNV?

By sponsoring Public Radio KUNV, you can reach an audience of engaged consumers and business decision-makers through a trusted and valued media source.

Just as you, the underwriter, support KUNV, our loyal listeners will support you.

The KUNV and Public Radio Audience

Lifelong learners
Drive trends through word of mouth
Participate in local initiatives and highly active in the community

Public radio attracts audiences distinguished by their professional success, connection to their community, and curiosity about the world around them. They are choice consumers, savvy business leaders, and influencers who are active in their communities.

Underwriting differs from commercial advertising in both sound and spirit. The public radio audience responds best to straightforward information presented in a concise, clear, and sincere manner.


  • All announcements are 15-30 seconds.
  • Preamble, “Underwriting on KUNV is provided by” is included in the :30 announcement
  • Announcements are produced by KUNV announcer staff. 
  • Pre-produced music beds, without vocals or sound effects may be used.
  • Final approval of the copy lies with the management of KUNV.

Please note that on-air copy is due 48 hours before scheduled to air to ensure timely production. For more information, view our Underwriting Announcement Copy Guide.

We Are Here to Help

Your representative works with you every step of the way—from ideas to finished production—to ensure your underwriting announcement conveys your desired message and complies with the FCC regulations applicable to non-commercial stations.

Mobile Ads

We also offer the opportunity for run-of-site display ads in our mobile app.