Invest In The Future

While all gifts support the mission of Public Radio KUNV, our endowment is particularly meaningful as it offers a dependable, perpetual source of funding. The investment made with the creation of our KUNV endowment provides the type of support that makes a real difference in the lives of our students, staff, and community. Endowed gifts enable Public Radio KUNV to continue the impact in Nevada related to education, training, and local jazz programming.

Leave Your Legacy

Imagine making a contribution that leaves a legacy for generations to come. This lasting impact can easily be made through a donation to the KUNV endowment. Considered one of the most advantageous sources of funding, our endowment enables Public Radio KUNV to expand and develop new programs by providing a steady, consistent, and perpetual source of income. This steady stream of funding ensures this public radio station needs are met and provides access to the most contemporary equipment possible for our students.

How Endowments Work

Endowed funds differ from others in that the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, only a portion of the income earned is spent while the remainder is added to the principal for growth. In this aspect, an endowment is a perpetual gift. Public Radio KUNV’s endowment began at $30,000 (fall 2022). Donors may contribute any amount to our existing endowment by visiting the Give to KUNV webpage or by mailing checks to:

KUNV Endowment
4505 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154-2010

Donations to endowment funds are tax deductible. Donors often set up endowment funds so they can receive charitable tax benefits immediately upon making their donation, while maintaining the social-good for the long-term.