Do I have to use a separate reservation form for each of my meetings or events?

Occasionally, you may. If you are having the same event with the same room setup and equipment, then you won’t need to fill out a separate form. However, if you're having numerous events for the same audience with different setup needs, locations, or dates, then we’ll require separate forms.

Why is my status "tentative?"

There are many reasons why your event may still be listed as tentative. The most common reasons are:

  • Proof of insurance (i.e., you still need to provide us proper documentation of proof of insurance)
  • Diagram (i.e., you still need to provide us a diagram for your special room setup requests)
  • Deposit (i.e., if you're a non-university client, you have yet to send us your deposit payment)
Double-check your reservation summary to make sure you have submitted all of the necessary information. If you have questions or concerns, contact our office.
Do we need insurance for our event, and where can I get it?

For more information, please visit Risk Managements Insurance Requirements pages: and

How do I show nonprofit status?

Nonprofit organizations must show proof of 501(c)(3) status through federal tax documents or information on company letterhead.

What is the procedure for having alcohol at my event?

Please see the UNLV Alcohol Policy to find out about alcohol guidelines.

Do you provide equipment for events not in Student Affairs facilities?

Yes, just let us know what you need via the Equipment Loan Form, and we will try to accommodate it.

Can I bring my own equipment in for my event?

Yes; however, our technical services staff does not provide assistance with equipment brought in by clients.

Can students reserve meeting rooms to study?

While we highly regard academics to be the first priority for students, the meeting rooms in the Student Union and the Student Recreation & Wellness Center were not intended for studious activities. You can study at the tables and lounges in these buildings. There are also several other facilities on campus with designated study areas such as the Lied Library.

Are the lounges on the second floor of the Student Union reservable?

No. The Student Union lounges are operated on a first-come, first-served basis and are open to the UNLV community. These areas are perfect for studying, discussing group projects, hanging out between classes, watching TV, or eating.

I’m in a band and would like to perform at UNLV. Who should I call?

All performance acts looking to operate on campus must go through CSUN Student Government. Please contact the entertainment and programming director at 702-895-5463.

Why do I need an event coordinator, and what does this person do?

Student Union & Event Services strives to provide each and every client with the highest level of service. Through a single contact, we will ensure your conference, meeting, or event is a success from start to finish. Your event coordinator will work closely with you to arrange audiovisual needs, parking and security details, and special equipment or facility requests. Please see our event coordination section for more information.

What equipment is automatically provided in my meeting room?

Events held in our meetings rooms are automatically set up with tables, chairs, projection screens, dry-erase boards, markers, and erasers. Additional equipment like podiums, projectors, and audio equipment can be rented through our office.