Product Sampling

Is your company or organization interested in hosting product sampling, corporate activation, demonstration, or sale? Contact us so that we can secure a space that best fits your goals while maximizing your exposure.

Marketing Table

Reserve a marketing table inside or outside the Student Union, inside the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, or along the Rebel Marketplace. This unique opportunity allows you to meet our campus community face to face and display your information or products. Please see our marketing table policy for more information.

Plasma Screens

Post an advertisement on our large plasma screens to advertise your event or program.  These screens are located throughout the Student Union and the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, so your message will reach students, faculty, staff, and community members in the facilities. For more information, please see the advertising policy.

Newspaper and Magazine Racks

Reserve a newspaper or magazine rack location for your company's publication.  We have locations throughout the Student Union. You are permitted to supply your own racks (one at each location) or rent a rack from our office. For more information regarding our Newspaper and Magazine policy, please view the PDF.


Hang in one of our locations to give your message maximum exposure to those using the facility. Locations are available indoors and outside. Please see our advertising policy for more information.

Table Tents

Advertise your events and programs on our dining tables throughout the Student Union food court. See our advertising policy for more information.

Display Case

Showcase information and products in a centrally located glass display case. The display cases are located on the 1st floor of the Student Union near to the Information Desk.

For additional advertising options, please contact us.

Bathroom/Elevator Ads

Showcase information in a large framed display strategically located within each elevator and restroom location. A variety of sizing options are available to help promote your event, product, service, or organization.