The Department of English offers programs nationally recognized for their excellence. Under the guidance of a distinguished faculty, the undergraduate student may engage in literary study ranging from the Anglo-Saxon era to the twenty-first century. Carefully planned sequences of study also allow students to follow coursework in creative writing and rhetoric. In each of these areas the department is notable for the breadth and scope of its offerings. Our programs offer the opportunity to discover, analyze, and articulate ideas and concerns important to the individual student and to society at large, as well as to appreciate the best that has been thought and said throughout literary history. The B. A. degree prepares students for graduate study in any number of fields, as well as for professional programs in law or medicine, and also for careers in business or teaching, or technical and professional writing.

The department also reaches out in a number of ways to the university as a whole, serving to provide a certificate program for secondary schoolteachers studying in the College of Education, for example. The department also provides core-curriculum courses in freshman composition, world literature, and meeting the multicultural and international requirements. A professional writing certificate program is also available.

Finally, the department sponsors a number of important journals, such as the Ben Jonson Journal published by the Edinburgh University Press; Interim, a long-established and well-known literary journal; and the Far West Popular Culture Review. Students who wish to gain training in editorial practices can participate in the editing of all of these journals. In addition, the Black Mountain Institute, one of the West’s leading literary institutes, publishes the award-winning journal Witness, a publication that our students also help us to edit.