The UNLV Department of English prepares students to be engaged and informed citizens that enrich the vitality of their local and global communities. Our faculty teach, research, and encourage critical thinking, literature, and creative activities relevant to all fields of human endeavor. Students develop cultural, aesthetic, historical, and digital literacies; embrace the beauty and power of language; and acquire the intellectual flexibility to succeed and contribute to a diverse and dynamic future.

Our Mission and Values


We promote literacy and the study of literary expression through:

  • Creative activity and internationally recognized scholarly research
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Community and professional engagement and outreach.


Our department will maintain its ranking in the top 100 US English programs through:

  • Supportive and high quality teaching
  • Student retention, progression, and completion

The diversity of our student body will be an intentional and recognizable part of our curriculum and student and faculty recruitment, and we will welcome and support diverse backgrounds, ideas, and strengths.