Undergraduate Programs

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Bachelor of Arts in English

Our bachelor’s program allows students to explore the diverse and rich landscape of language. This enables them to develops their skills in written and oral communication to produce articulate and persuasive texts. The curriculum encourages students to explore the interplay of race, class, gender, and sexuality within written texts and various media forms to foster a refined perspective on societal dynamics and cultural representation.

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Graduate Programs

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Masters of Arts in English

The master of arts in English program focuses on literature, language, and composition theory. Students dive into British and American literature to gain a comprehensive understanding of its historical, cultural, and literary significance. Through our interdisciplinary approach, students also develop analytical and scholarly rigor for advanced academic inquiry. The program's emphasis on linguistic proficiency further opens opportunities for cross-cultural communication and interdisciplinary research.

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Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Hone your craft and unleash your creative potential through the master of fine arts in creative writing program. Our program offers personalized guidance to help students improve their writing skills in fiction, literary nonfiction, and poetry. We also help students establish the theoretical foundations of their chosen genre and explore other genres to broaden their literary horizons. The program emphasizes international writing and literary translation to create an appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives and enhance communication across borders.

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Doctor of Philosophy in English

Our Ph.D. program offers three tracks: a post-bachelor’s literary track, post-master’s literary track, and creative dissertation track. The post-bachelor’s and post-master’s tracks focus on literature and language studies, research, analysis, and scholarly writing. You'll also gain practical skills that are highly valued in the academic and professional world. The creative dissertation track is for students who want to write a book-length work of fiction, literary nonfiction, or poetry with dedicated mentorship and support. This unique level of guidance allows students to sharpen their creative skills and produce original works that captivate readers and significantly contribute to the literary landscape.

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