Resources for Proposals, Papers, and Reports

An important aspect of good engineering is being able to communicate your ideas, findings, and projects in order to effectively obtain grants, publish in peer-reviewed journals, and keep agencies up to date on results from funded projects.

Below are links to documents that might be useful in preparing proposals, papers, and reports. Further, Related Links to the right are sites that provide valuable resource information.


College of Engineering Cost Centers

Please use either of these numbers when preparing you routing forms for research proposals

  • CC1791 - Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
  • CC2189 - Mechanical Engineering
  • CC2156 - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • CC1558 - Computer Science
  • CC0324: Transportation Research Center   
  • CC2213: Engineering Instruction 
  • CC0795: Engineering Dean Administration 
  • CC1884: Engineering Grants and Contracts 
  • CC0353: Engineering-Scholarships and Fellowships 
  • CC0687: Engineering Faculty Support


Contacts for the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Pre-Award (COE)

Robin Anawalt
Grants Proposal Coordinator

Post-Award (COE)

Tara Mullin
Finance and Administrative Specialist

Papers and Reports (COE)

Meagan Madariaga-Hopkins, M.Ed.
Technical Writer

Contacts for the Office of Sponsored Projects