Hailey's Hand

UNLV’s College of Engineering faculty and students teamed up to design and produce a 3-D printed, robotic hand that enabled Hailey Dawson to grab, grasp, grow, and throw. To help bring national attention to her condition - Poland Syndrome - and cost-effective 3D solutions for other children, Dawson’s goal is to throw out the first pitch at every Major League Baseball park! She’s already done the honors for the Orioles and Nationals, and even threw out the first pitch at game 4 of the 2017 World Series!

UNLV will be there as she continues on her journey in spring 2018.

If you would like to support the College’s efforts to fund research and the creation of more hands for more children like Hailey, please visit the Donation page and select Hailey’s Hand Research Fund in the Designation drop-down menu.

 alt="Hailey showing her 3-d prosthetic hand"

'My Special Hand'

4-year-old Hailey Dawson can now practice her pitching and batting thanks to a team of UNLV engineers and affordable 3-D printing technology.

 alt="Hailey showing her new 3-d prosthetic hand."

Engineering a Mean Fastball

UNLV College of Engineering teams up with a baseball-loving 7-year-old to raise awareness for a rare condition. Here's how you can be part of the team for other kids who need "Robohands."

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