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The CALL research team is an interdisciplinary collaborative group, comprised of (under)graduate students and faculty, based in the Department of Early Childhood, Multilingual and Special Education. Since 2016, we have been focusing on our active research agenda that focuses on better integrating content and language and improving the learning conditions for English and dual language learners (i.e., ELLs and DLLs).

As such, we are deeply committed to studying the contiguous development of language, literacy, and content areas, such as mathematics, science, social studies, among these populations from preschool to post-secondary schooling. Our research agenda is driven both by an intellectual interest on these topics and our concern for improving the lives of bilingual learners at home, community, and school levels.

With this in mind, we aim to use our understandings of DLLs' and ELLs' content and language learning to enhance the learning experiences of these populations through our influence on teacher education curriculum, instructional practice, and professional development.

Current Research Projects

Current research projects include:

  • Investigating ideologies and responsive practices in language immersion education for emergent bilinguals
  • Exploring how a community-university, early-childhood enrichment program for emergent bilinguals improves home-based book-reading interactions

Research Approaches/Methods

Our facility is equipped for in-lab and field research. We apply the following research approaches/methods:

  • Qualitative: ethnography, case study, multimodal discourse analysis, grounded theory
  • Quantitative: descriptive, correlational, (quasi-)experimental, and evaluation
  • Mixed and multiple methods

We are continuously seeking collaborations with UNLV faculty across different departments and colleges as well accept new students-graduate and undergraduate-who wish to engage in research experiences studying content and language learning with DLLs and ELLs.

Contact Information

Please contact Alain Bengochea for more information about our research lab and/or to express interest in joining our team.

Alain Bengochea, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Alain Bengochea
Office: CEB 143
Mail Code: 3014
Phone: 702-895-4027