1. Verify that the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) correctly identifies you as the instructor for the course listed on the To: line.
Verification example for a notification letter under DRC

NOTE: Contact the DRC immediately if you are not the instructor, or if additional instructors should be notified.

  1. Note the student’s name in the Subject: line.
Verification form highlighting the subject line of a form
  1. Review the accommodations to implement in the class identified. Accommodation descriptions will identify who is required to take action (e.g., the instructor, student, or DRC)
  2. Implement accommodations starting from the date of the FNL until the end of the semester, unless otherwise indicated. Accommodations are not provided retroactively.
    • NOTE: Some students may contact you directly to discuss their accommodation needs. Contact the DRC if the student reports a need or process that is not specifically listed on the FNL.
  3. Complete the Testing Accommodation Form (TAF) if testing accommodations are being requested.
Important details for Webcampus exams
  1. Refer to the Completing a Testing Accommodation Form (TAF) tutorial for more details.
    • NOTE: A TAF link will not be be available if a TAF was completed on another FNL for a student in the same course and section.
  2. Contact the DRC advisor listed on the From: line if you have questions or concerns.
Verification example highlighting the From line