Supporting Your Student

Registering with the Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Your student must register with the DRC if he or she wishes to receive academic adjustments and accommodations at UNLV.

If eligible for services, your student will be interviewed by a disability specialist (DS), who will gather more information about how the condition impacts them and what accommodations have been used previously. The DS will then make recommendations for services and accommodations and will explain DRC processes and procedures for using these services and accommodations, along with student obligations.

If the documentation provided is insufficient for the DRC to make a determination, the assigned DRC DS will work interactively with your child to secure the necessary information.

To support your student in this process, we recommend you:

  • Review DRC documentation requirements with your student to see if the documentation appears to be acceptable.
  • Work with your student's high school transition specialist to ensure that disability or special education testing and reports are forwarded to the DRC.
  • Encourage your student to complete the DRC Online Application as soon as he or she is admitted to UNLV.

Contact the DRC with any questions about documentation requirements and services.

Requesting Accommodations

Each semester, when your student registers for classes, they will need to request accommodations for those classes through the online request accommodation form as soon after registration as possible. Some accommodations require additional time to put into place, and failure to request accommodations in a timely manner may delay the service or accommodation from being implemented when your child needs it.

When the requests are received, the DRC counselor will prepare a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) for each class for which the student requests accommodations. Each FNL describes the accommodations needed and identifies that the student is registered with the DRC. It does not identify the condition or disability. Once the FNLs are prepared, they will be emailed to the instructor. Students are encouraged to privately discuss their accommodation needs with their instructor. The instructor keeps the FNL for his or her records and destroys it at the end of the semester.

After Registering

  • Once registered for classes, ask if your student wants to request accommodations and encourage him or her to complete the online form. Forms completed by parents cannot be accepted.
  • If unsure about using accommodations, you can encourage your student to contact his or her DRC disability specialist to explore this.