Our goal is provide DRC students with effective accommodations based on law and current best practices and to promote individual growth and self-determination.

To be eligible for services and accommodations, you must register (fill out an application and provide documentation of their condition) to the DRC. If you are interested in obtaining services, visit the prospective students link below to learn how to apply.

Upon written request, the DRC will provide directly to a student registered with this office evidence (in the form of a letter) of his or her having received accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to in–turn send his or her information to a third party (e.g. other school or licensor organization). However, this does not apply to any other documentation that the student may have deposited with the DRC. Once a student submits copies of paperwork to the DRC which evidence his or her having a clinical issue, that information will not be returned. Likewise, that documentation will not be forwarded to a third party on behalf of that student or by his or her request.

Registered DRC students must submit a request for accommodations each semester. Once registered for classes, you can submit requests online to the DRC. All request forms are online and are located on the current students page.

Prospective DRC Students
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