Eligibility for Disability Resource Center (DRC) support is based on an analysis of the medical, psychological, or psycho-educational documentation from your provider. This information must be current and must include the name; address; and specialty of the appropriately qualified professional who conducted the evaluation, prepared the report, or provided the diagnosis.

Individual Education Plan and 504

Please note that Individual Education Plan and 504 plans developed during high school are helpful in establishing a history may be insufficient documentation by themselves to establish current functional impacts for determining disability in college.


In order to determine the need for specific services and accommodations, all documentation must include:

  • The current functional impact of the documented condition.
  • Treatments, medications, accommodations, and services currently prescribed or in use
  • The expected progression or stability of the disability over time
  • A diagnostic statement identifying the condition
    • Learning disabilities: It is recommended that documentation be current, no more than three years old, or that the evaluation be conducted as an adult (18 years or older). If you have a learning disability, you should have some form of psycho-educational assessment that includes measures of aptitude, achievement, and information processing. These evaluations should include test scores, current diagnosis, and the functional limitations for an academic setting.
    • Mental and emotional health disabilities: You must provide a letter or report written by a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor. The letter or report should include an explanation of the nature of the condition and your current functional limitations and the impact of medication, including side effects. This information must be current. You may be asked for updated documentation regarding your current functional abilities.
    • Students with physical or sensory disabilities: You must provide a letter, evaluation, or report from a healthcare provider documenting the nature of the condition and the functional limitations you experience. These documents must be current — within the last year if the condition is recent or variable.

Documentation of Disability Forms

Accommodation Letters

Upon request, the DRC will provide a letter listing the accommodations the student received while attending UNLV. It is the student's responsibility to give this information to a third party, such as another school. Clinical documentation provided by the student to substantiate their disability upon applying for services with the DRC, such as medical or psychiatric records, will not be distributed by the DRC.