• Candidates are to make their own travel arrangements. Candidates should be reimbursed for all expenses.
  • Candidate travel is audited and treated like out-of-state travel unless traveling within the state (over 75 miles from interview location). Candidates are subject to the same lodging and meal per diem rates via the General Services Administration (GSA).
  • Prior to travel, obtain approval for circumstances/requests (extended stay, rental car, lodging exception, special accommodations, and companion travel).
  • Contact the ADA Compliance Office at 702-895-1879 for special accommodations.

Candidate Travel Reimbursement

Reimbursements to candidates are submitted on an Expense Report (ECM) and must include the following:

  • UNLV search and position number.
  • Original itemized receipt(s) showing the method of payment outlined in UNLV Receipt Policy.
  • Candidate schedule of events such as time of interview & time of recruiting meals.

Qualifying Reimbursements

  • Airline itinerary must show dates and times of departure and arrival and method of payment. 
  • Cost of roundtrip airfare from home city to Las Vegas, and back to home city
  • Candidates wanting to fly from or to a different city would only be reimbursed up to the cost of roundtrip airfare from/to their home city.
  • Candidates should make and pay for their own travel arrangements rather than use the PCard or any other university account.
  • Itemized hotel bill showing zero dollar balance and method of payment.
  • Lodging nightly rates according to current GSA rates. 
  • Candidates should use a non-gaming facility.
Public Ground Transportation
  • (i.e. taxi, shuttle, Uber etc.) valid receipt(s) required.
Personal Vehicle Mileage
  • Requires vehicle log and Mapquest or Google map route 
  • Reimbursed at the standard IRS mileage rate for the convenience of the university or half the IRS mileage rate at the convenience of the candidate.
Meal Per Diem


Candidate reimbursement/travel expenses may be charged to state funds, although the use of non-state funds for candidate expenses when available is encouraged.

Reimbursements may not be made for:

  • Upgrade to the Business Select level
  • Car rental
  • Early bird check in
  • Travel insurance
  • Non-mandatory seat selection
  • Fees for more than one checked bag
  • TSA pre-check or similar fees 
  • Tips or gratuities
  • Room service
  • Personal phone charges (non-UNLV business related)
  • Personal incidentals
  • In-flight meals
  • Unapproved overage of GSA lodging rate for interview city/county
  • Travel cancellation fees