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UNLV is where students, alumni, non-profits, small businesses, and corporations connect to collaborate and achieve our mutual goals. Career Services and Workforce Development is a lead provider of career development and talent connections for our diverse and dynamic community. We also have a Rebel Career Champions network across campus and specialized career centers within the College of Business, College of Engineering, and College of Hospitality. These resources are here to support student career readiness.

In addition to providing workforce-aligned academic programs and career and professional development support for students, we also prioritize meeting the needs of employers. UNLV supports local, regional, and national employers in their recruitment and hiring efforts and seeks advisory support in curriculum development to ensure that we anticipate and meet workforce needs.;

UNLV is one of the most diverse universities in the nation. As such, we attract a diverse range of talented students pursuing various fields of study. Access to a diverse pool of students and graduates helps employers identify and recruit skilled individuals to contribute to the success of a company or project. We are committed to partnering with organizations that support UNLV’s mission to nurture equity, promote inclusiveness, and create an empowering, supportive, and culturally respectful environment for learning, collaborating, and working.

Program Advantages

Access to Talent

UNLV is a renowned educational institution and can provide employers access to a pool of talented and motivated students and graduates. Employers can tap into this talent pool to recruit skilled individuals who align with their workforce needs.

Job and Internship Postings

Post your paid internships, jobs, and full-time career opportunities to Handshake, the premier platform for engaging with UNLV students, upcoming graduates, and alumni to meet your recruiting needs. Handshake is free for employers. Optional premium add-ons are available.

Campus-Wide Career and Internship Fairs

Career and internship fairs hosted each semester attract more than 1,000 diverse and talented students and alumni seeking to launch and advance their careers. Organized by industries such as STEM, Hospitality, Business, Government, Education, and Non-Profits, our career and internship fairs allow you to reach your target audience while marketing your brand across all disciplines and skill sets.

On-Campus Interviewing Space

Interview space can be provided to meet UNLV candidates for career positions or paid internships. When you book your candidate interviews, we will also provide you with parking for the day. Space is based on availability.

Recruiter in Residence Day

Schedule a special day in our campus Gateway Building to educate UNLV students about your opportunities and support their professional development. Your Recruiter in Residence Day will include walk-in face-to-face meetings with students and a scheduled information or professional development session on a topic of your choice. Career Services and Workforce Development will promote your event to students and alumni through our Handshake and social media channels and provide parking and space for your team members. Space is based on availability.

One-On-One Recruiting Consultation Sessions and Handshake Optimization

Our Career Services and Workforce Development leaders are available to meet with you to provide specific guidance and information on recruiting related to your organizational needs and our students and alumni. Whether you are working on building your internship program or reaching graduates with the right skill set, our team can help.

Research and Innovation

UNLV is involved in numerous research initiatives and has expertise across multiple fields. Employers can collaborate with the university on research projects, access cutting-edge knowledge, and leverage innovative solutions to address industry challenges.

Advanced Expert Work with Graduate Students

The Graduate College offers a Community Graduate Research Assistant Program through the Grad Academy. We can connect you with advanced graduate students eager to assist in your particular area of expertise.

Research Collaboration with Our World-Class Faculty

The Office of Research and the Office of Economic Development can work with you on opportunities for industry-sponsored research with our world-class faculty and outstanding graduate students.

Community Research and Survey Data

The Cannon Survey Center is your trusted partner for surveys and other forms of data collection and analysis. We’re here to support your data needs; reach out for more information or a consultation.

President's Innovation Challenge

The President’s Innovation Challenge is a multidisciplinary team competition encouraging social and business entrepreneurship to help solve critical problems of our day in Southern Nevada and beyond. Undergraduate and graduate students team up to bring their ideas to life with the help of campus and community mentorship. UNLV is at the forefront of creating innovators who can bring their entrepreneurial spirit to your organization.

Workforce Development

Employers can contribute to developing the future workforce by providing UNLV students with valuable real-world experience through internships, co-op programs, and apprenticeships. These opportunities can increase job readiness and orient their skills to fit industry needs.

Employee Benefits Consultation

Employee benefits are essential for recruiting, hiring, retaining, and supporting great employees, and employer educational benefits are in high demand. By partnering with UNLV, you can offer employee benefits that cover part or all of their education. With your investment, employees can earn certificates or degrees, and your organization will benefit from their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Create an Internship or Micro-Internship

Student interns can offer your organization many benefits while gaining meaningful developmental experience and opening a recruitment pipeline. Micro-internships are short-term, paid assignments that can be completed by a current student or recent graduate with minimum guidance or onboarding. You can access a larger talent pool and provide busy hiring managers with just-in-time support.

Information Meetings and Professional Development Sessions

A simple way to reach busy UNLV students and alumni is through information and professional development sessions, where you can teach them more about your industry, careers within your company, and internship opportunities. Topics can be uniquely developed to include trends and timely topics in collaboration with our career centers and Graduate College, and gather the most interest when focusing on a specific professional development topic and can be hosted virtually or in person. Your sessions can be promoted through Handshake and our specialized career centers to bring you greater visibility.

Networking and Industry Connections

UNLV is a hub for industry connections, events, and networking opportunities. Employers can foster relationships with faculty, staff, and other industry partners to facilitate knowledge exchange, open business opportunities, and expand collaborations.

Corporate Campus Tour

Get to know our UNLV campus, outstanding academic programs, faculty, staff, and students. Schedule a corporate campus tour for your organization's leaders or employees interested in furthering their education, or reach out for custom campus experiences for your team or visiting guests.

Corporate Mixers and Panels

Network with our students, alumni, and faculty to build relationships and share information about open positions in your corporation. For specialized programming opportunities, UNLV can coordinate partnerships with specific colleges, task forces, and administrative units such as our Division of Diversity Initiatives, Military and Veteran Services Center, and Disability Resource Center.

Branding and Visibility

Partnering with a reputable institution like UNLV can enhance an employer's brand and visibility. It demonstrates a commitment to education, community engagement, and fostering talent, which can positively impact its reputation among customers, clients, and stakeholders.

On-Campus Marketing Table

Schedule a marketing table during a peak day on campus for high visibility to a great variety of students. Marketing tables are available along the Rebel Marketplace, located just outside Hospitality Hall, or at other key locations around campus. You can reserve a spot once per semester at no cost to you. We encourage you to bring treats and swag to grab students' attention.

REP Education Series

Career Services and Workforce Development will provide free sessions on trending recruiting and talent development topics each semester. Meet our team, learn more about our students, and network with colleagues from other companies. You will receive email invitations from us each semester via Handshake.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

At UNLV Continuing Education, we specialize in assisting employers in unlocking the full potential of their teams. Our extensive range of professional development and customizable training programs empower employers to upskill their teams, enrich employee knowledge, and address specific organizational goals. We highly value employer partnerships, seeking their expertise and guidance in developing and refining our programs to ensure they meet their training needs. By joining forces with UNLV, employers gain access to our expertise and infrastructure, providing crucial support in achieving their specific objectives, ultimately leading to growth and success. This strategic investment in their employees fosters higher retention rates, reduces recruitment costs, and creates a more robust, highly skilled, and thriving workforce.

Customized and Executive Education

We offer a broad array of continuing education, professional development, and customized training options from our Office of Educational Outreach and through various colleges on campus. These range from data analytics, HR training, management training, and cybersecurity certificates to specialized learning and credentialing programs. Financial literacy, employee wellness, and compliance training sessions are also available through in-person, online, and hybrid workshops, seminars, webinars, and online course content. You can use these opportunities to upskill or reskill your workforce and address specific organizational needs. Reach out to discuss your training and employee development needs.

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Executive Director, Workforce Education

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