Students, Welcome to Handshake

It just got easier for Rebels to get hired.

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Step 1: Activate Your Student Account

Getting set up on Handshake as a student is easy! Our system will automatically upload your student information to initially set up your student account. Once your student information is uploaded to the system, you will receive a notification via an email to your RebelMail account.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Having a complete and accurate student profile is essential to be able to effectively use Handshake. As you fill out your profile fields, you’ll see your completion percentage increase. Most services on Handshake require at least a 75% completion rate.

Step 3: Discover Jobs

Handshake is the largest database for employers looking to hire college students. More than 500 positions are posted to the site every week representing part-time jobs, full-time employment, internships, and more from a wide variety of industries, disciplines, and fields. If you’re looking for a job, your first stop should always be Handshake.

Step 4: Request an Appointment

All Career Services appointments will now be booked directly through Handshake. Appointments can be requested for resume/cover letter assistance, job search support, mock interviewing, general career development questions, and more. When you request an appointment, please provide details on what services you would like to cover.

  1. From the Handshake front page, click on “Career Center.”
  2. Follow the prompts to book your appointment.
  3. In most cases, you’ll have the option to speak to someone in-person, by phone, or by Google Meet.

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Do I need to create a student account?

No! Please do not complete the process to sign up for a new student account. By uploading your student data directly into the Handshake system, it eliminates the need for supplemental registration.

What will I use this system for?

Handshake is your one-stop-shop for everything related to career development, career programming, your job search, and more.

  • Booking appointments with career services professionals.
  • Viewing programming available for you to develop your career knowledge.
  • Accessing the programming available for your job search, like career fairs, on campus interviews, and more.
What other benefits are available?

Handshake has a network of thousands of schools, tens of thousands of employers, and millions of students and alumni. These active users are posting information about the companies for which they worked, and allow for networking and for you to ask questions directly to employers and employees!

For more information about Handshake or general questions, please contact Career Services at