Alumni Micro-Internships

Small Experience, Big Impact.


We are happy to announce the UNLV Micro-Internship (UMI) Program. UNLV has partnered with Parker Dewey to provide additional experiential opportunities to explore different roles and company cultures.

About Micro-Internships

Short term, paid, professional assignments that can be completed by a current student or recent grad with minimal guidance or on-boarding. Similar to a traditional internship, UNLV Micro-Internships will provide you access to a larger talent pool, assist in attracting top talent, improve new hire retention, and complement existing programs such as an internship programs or campus recruiting programs. However, unlike a traditional internship, these assignments typically range from 5-40 hours total of work, can be completed totally remotely, and can be done in any department in your organization providing your busy hiring managers with some just-in-time support.

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Benefits as an Employer

  • Early access to great talent.
  • No administrative burden; Parker Dewey handles paperwork, payroll, HR, and legal liability.
  • Complete professional projects without devoting full-time staff resources.
  • Find the right fit, nurture candidates, and increase employee retention.
  • Get real insight into a candidate’s ability to perform tasks required on the job.
  • Show your company’s focus on diversity and inclusion by providing equitable access.
  • No conversion fees if you choose to hire the student for a longer-term opportunity (internship, full-time job).

Benefits as an Alumni Participant

  • Have the opportunity to apply for professional opportunities that can help you develop career skills outside of the traditional internship cycle.
  • Work with diverse companies and people.
  • Build tangible relationships with employers by demonstrating your skills and abilities in substantive projects.
  • Resume-worthy experiences that may lead into a longer-term opportunity.