Career Services & Workforce Development is a key community partner helping small businesses, large corporations, and community organizations find and retain talent and build a strong reputation. Career Services facilitates your college recruiting strategy while Workforce Development coordinates faculty and research engagement, program development and alignment, and employer benefit programs and partnerships.

Partner With UNLV

Foster Recruiting Relationships With UNLV Students & Alumni

Aligning the UNLV campus to be responsive to 21st-century workforce needs and better prepare students for the changing workplaces of the future requires strong partnerships. Partnerships allow us to build robust talent pipelines to meet local, regional, and state demand.

UNLV offers several ways for your company or organization to develop relationships with future interns or employees, including attending campus-wide career fairs and specialized college career mixers, developing and supporting internship opportunities, offering company exposure tours, and creating and sponsoring career fairs and networking events.

Featured Partnership Programs

MGM College Opportunity Program

The MGM College Opportunity Program is an employer partnership program that offers MGM employees the opportunity to earn certificates and undergraduate and graduate degrees that are fully online.

Amazon Career Choice Opportunity

UNLV is proud to be an educational partner with the Amazon Career Choice program. This educational benefit empowers Amazon employees to pursue any undergraduate degree at UNLV.


Create A Micro-Internship Program

UNLV has partnered with Parker Dewey to create the UNLV Micro-Internship Program. These are short-term, paid assignments that can be completed by a current student or recent grad with minimal guidance or on-boarding. Micro-internships provide you access to a larger talent pool, assist in attracting top talent, improve new hire retention, and provide your busy hiring managers with some just-in-time support. Unlike a traditional internship, these assignments typically range from 5 to 200 hours total, can often be completed remotely, and can be done in any department in your organization. 

Post Your Jobs & Internships On Handshake

More than ever, job searching is moving online, and in today’s marketplace, it’s necessary to have the best tools available. That’s why UNLV partnered with Handshake, one of the leading online employment portals for college to connect you to them. Our students and alumni are prepared to meet the challenges of today’s global and dynamic workplace.

Collaborate with UNLV!

Employer Educational Benefits and Workforce-University Alignment

Nicole Hudson
Executive Director, Workforce Education

Internships, Job Fairs, and Student and Alumni Talent Acquisition

Eileen McGarry
Executive Director, Career Services

Graduate Student Talent Acquisition, Engagement, and Programming

Nevena Cvijetic
Executive Director of Leadership, Professional, and Career Development