Student Support Services


The mission of Student Support Services is to assist college students with overcoming personal concerns, academic deficiencies and financial difficulties that could impair their chances of succeeding in college. Student Support Services also provides students with the necessary tools to adjust to the demands of a college environment, while helping them develop good study habits and decision-making skills that increase retention and graduation rates for college students.


  • Academic counseling
  • Personal counseling
  • Graduate school counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Financial literacy education
  • Tutoring services
  • Workshops


  • Note taking and listening skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • GRE preparation
  • Financial literacy
  • Budgeting and Credit Card Management
  • Funding College
  • Personal Statements and Reference Letters
  • Health Improves Together (H.I.T.) Information Session
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Study Skills and Time Management


  • Grant in Aid
  • Wells Fargo 1st Generation Scholarship
  • Matt Smith LC Community Foundation Changing Lives Scholarship


  • Minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Enrolled full-time, with academic need and assistance.

To find out if you are eligible, call 702-895-4777 or stop by our offices (UNLV SSC-301A, third floor)


There is no charge other than your commitment to education. Your future is your responsibility!




  1. After reviewing the eligibility to become a participant, as long as you meet the requirements, complete the application form on your computer, or print a blank application form to fill out by hand. If completing it by hand:
    1. Use only Blue or Black ink
    2. Please print clearly
    3. No white out
  2. Sign the application
  3. Submit your application in one of three ways:
    • Drop off the application in person to SSC-A 301
    • Mail the form to our address below:

      Student Support Services Program
      Reynolds Student Services Complex
      4505 Maryland Parkway Room 301
      Box 452006
      Las Vegas, NV 89154

    • Email a scanned copy from your RebelMail account to
    • We do not accept applications from other email addresses or by fax.
  4. After your application has been submitted, you may contact Jo Ann Stevens, office manager, to check your status by sending her an email at requesting an application status update with:
    • Your full first and last name
    • Your NSHE number
    • Your phone number

For more information regarding the submission of your application, or if you have any further questions, please contact us by phone 702-895-4777, or by email

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Wells Fargo Bank First Generation Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 per year shall be awarded to students meeting eligibility criteria. Students may receive a maximum award of $10,000 for a period not to exceed five years. Students meeting the following criteria are eligible for this scholarship:

  • Student must demonstrate financial need through the results of the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Student must be Pell Grant eligible
  • Student must complete the UNLV Scholarship Application
  • Student must be formally admitted to UNLV and enrolled full time at the undergraduate level
  • Student must have graduated from a Nevada high school within three years of enrolling at UNLV
  • Students must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better to receive and be able to renew the award in subsequent years
  • Student must be enrolled in Student support Services Program and volunteer 10 hours per month at the UNLV GEAR UP Program during academic period for which they are receiving the scholarship

Scholars are encouraged to select or create areas in which they feel most comfortable. Service suggestions include:

  1. Mentoring
  2. Tutoring
  3. Administrative/clerical support
  4. Technology support
  5. Chaperone various school events
  6. College tour guide
  7. Publicity (photography, writing, proof reading)
  8. Preparation of materials (program or classroom)
  9. Phone calls for parent contact-especially helpful if you are bilingual
  10. Parent nights and other GEAR UP or AVID activities
  11. Other unique skills or talents

For more information about the Wells Fargo Scholarship, please contact Macarena Patton at 702-895-4779 / 702-895-4777 or at


To be eligible for the SS Grant-In-Aid you must be:

  • Freshmen or sophomore class standing (less than 60 credits) and be receiving the Federal Pell Grant
  • Enrolled in 12 or more credits at UNLV during the semester and have a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Actively involved in the SSS program throughout the academic year (i.e. two or more appointments with your academic advisor, participating in SSS workshops and attending CAEO events, etc.)
  • Complete the FDIC Money Smarts Financial Education Module and submit a Certificate of Completion for at least one module. Students can visit the FDIC Money Smart Computer Based instruction website.

For more information, please contact Macarena Patton at 702-895-4779 / 702-895-4779, or contact the front office at 702-895-4777.

Other Financial Aid Resources