Join The Center's Alumni

Our mission is to provide TRIO Alumni with a network of social and professional support that promotes the welfare of the community through leadership and community service, while fostering a life-long and mutually beneficial relationship between you and The Center. The TRIO Alumni Association puts forth great effort to stay connected with you - our best and brightest students - to help ensure the TRIO legacy continues for generations to come. We are excited about the infinite possibilities that will come from your involvement.

As an extended member of the TRIO family, the association understands the value of opportunities. We are dedicated to promoting professional and personal excellence through our network of services, as well as supporting efforts toward community improvement and educational empowerment.

The TRIO Alumni Association can be an excellent place to find old friends, meet other TRIO Alumni, and network towards new collaborations or job opportunities. It can also be a place where you can go to just feel at home, keep up with upcoming events, or learn more about new TRIO developments. A wide variety of social events are designed to keep our alumni involved and active.


Stay Connected and Informed

Through your free subscriptions to The Center Point newsletter, Alumni Events Calendar, and access to our alumni activities database, you can stay informed about upcoming Center events, TRIO developments, and Alumni activities.

Give Back & Get Involved

The TRIO Alumni Association is dedicated to promoting community welfare and providing educational opportunities. You can become a volunteer to support the association’s continuous initiative toward community improvement and educational empowerment, and/or make a donation to increase the scholarship fund for The Center’s next generation of graduates and other beneficiaries.

Career Services

Your membership allows you access to the National Council of Educational Opportunities Associations (NCEOA) job bank, as well as our association’s Networking Board where our own TRIO family members list employment and business opportunities. Our younger, less experienced members seeking professional advice or assistance have the infinite wisdom of our seasoned members at your fingertips.

Academic Support

If you are still in college, your association membership, along with your active support and involvement in the alumni activities makes you eligible for many scholarships and tutoring services managed by The Center. Scholarships are available to supplement tuition for those members who show financial need. Tutoring is available for most subjects and can be flexible to fit your busy schedule.

Personal & Family Support

Because we support personal and family success, counseling and other wrap-around supportive services are offered to our members and their families. We want to assist you with overcoming challenges that adversely affect academic, personal and professional performance and overall functioning. Our case managers will provide services specific to the needs of the participants and their families.


Our community recognizes that this association works hard to improve the standard of living in Las Vegas, so our community partners have rewarded association members by offering general discounts. In addition, the association often thanks members with outstanding contribution records with free tickets to professional productions, sporting events, and other exciting events that take place in Las Vegas.


Geannine Jordan
Assistant Director for Upward Bound/Upward Bound Math & Science