Zhanna Aronov, MBA

Associate Vice President for Retention and Outreach
Zhanna Aronov
Phone: 702-774-4108

Larry E. Letourneau, Ph.D.

Senior Director for Research & Compliance
Larry E. Letourneau
Phone: 702-774-4114

Jill R. Triplett, M.Ed.

Senior Director for Pre-College Programs
Jill R. Triplett
Phone: 702-774-4131

Robert DellaSala, M.S.

Director for Finance
Robert DellaSala
Phone: 702-774-4127

Jefferson Detrick, M.P.A

Director for Adult Educational Services
Man Smiling
Phone: 702-774-4037

Kyle K. Ethelbah, MPH

Director for College Programs 
Man Smiling
Phone: 702-895-4777

Jennie E. Johnson, M.Ed.

Director for Upward Bound Math & Science
Jennie E. Johnson
Phone: 702-591-4479

Esther J. Langston, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW

Director for Family Support Services
Portrait of Esther Langston
Phone: 702-774-4165

Gerard Medlock, M.Ed.

Assistant Director for the UNLV TRIO Training Institute
Phone: 702-774-4142

Rebecca S. Rogers, Ph.D., M.S.W., M.Ed.

Director for UNLV GEAR UP
Headshot of Rebecca Rogers
Phone: 702-774-4121

Ambu Yegappan, MBA

Director for Information Technology
A woman smiling
Phone: 702-774-4170

Diane Zagorski, M.A.

Director for Educational Talent Search
Diane Zagorski
Phone: 702-774-4165