Jean Vock

Senior Vice President/CFO
A woman smiling.
Office: CSB 212 H
Mail Code: 1004

Alexandra Nikolich

Interim Chief of Staff
Alexandra Nikolich's headshot
Office: CSB 212F
Mail Code: 1004
Phone: 702-895-5245

Rachel Howland

Executive Assistant, Office of the Senior Vice President
Headshot of Rachel Howland
Office: CSB 212J
Phone: 702-895-0787

Nohealani Benicarlo

Administrative Assistant III, Office of the Senior Vice President
Nohealani Benicarlo's headshot
Office: CSB 212J
Phone: 702-895-3571

Darlene Jones

Administrative Assistant I, Office of the Senior Vice President
new darlene photo
Office: CSB 127
Phone: 702-895-0001

Sarath Kraus

Director, Systems Change Management
Sarath Kraus
Office: CSB 123
Phone: 702-895-2957

Chantel McDonald

Director, Strategic Projects and Training Development
Office: CSB 217
Phone: 702-895-1514

Joe Sunbury

Chief Compliance Officer
Photo of Joe Sunbury
Office: CSB 122
Phone: 702-895-4597

Laura Schneider

Compliance Analyst
Office: CSB 123
Phone: 702-895-0506

Heather Ortiz

Director, Communication
Heather Ortiz
Office: CSB 125
Phone: 702-895-3634

Rasheda Abdullah Hairston

Communications Specialist
updated rasheda's photo
Office: CSB 126
Phone: 702-895-5566

Chanelle Hayes

Communications Assistant
chanelle's new photo
Office: CSB 126
Phone: 702-895-1304

Shi-Lynn Campbell

Communications Assistant
new photo for campbell
Office: CSB 126
Phone: 702-774-4248